More on raising smart kids who know how to work hard.

Last week I blogged about Carol Dweck’s research here, but I have to let you all know that thesituationist gave the story a much better treatment than I did. Please have look.

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4 responses to “More on raising smart kids who know how to work hard.

  1. That was a very stimulating article summarizing Dweck and it stimulated some self-reflection. I would have to put myself in the camp of people who are reluctant to try new things for fear of feeling stupid — similar I think to how I always hated demonstrating my ineptitude at sports in front of all the other guys in P E class: no desire to have my lack of hunter/warrior skills publicly confirmed for the whole tribe to see.

  2. Thanks Steve, they were fascinating articles about learned helplessness and how praise can be counter-productive, and like lifebeyondsixty above, the are giving me lots to think about.

    Intellectually I always espoused the view that basically “practice makes perfect” as borne out by countless examples of so-called geniuses who really just worked their arses off to achieve what they did. However, I think that the constant praise I got from my mum (which was most likely her way of expressing unconditional love) has led me to give up too easily on things that I can’t succeed in quickly.

    Time to go and learn how to tie knots, sing, and stick at one job for longer than six months …

  3. Very interesting Article. Thank you for link.

  4. No worries. Glad you liked it. The situationist covered a few more in the same vein, so I’ll be reporting on those as soon as I have some free time.

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